Politics, Organizations, and Communities Need to Adjust to New Media

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The following was issued today by Group Jazz:

A conversation with author, Brian Reich, and online pioneer, Lisa Kimball, about how new media figures into business, politics and culture today will be held:

Date: April 1

Place: National Press Club First Amendment Room

Time: 4 pm E.S.T.

During the 2004 election cycle, Brian was the first official press liaison to the blogosphere at national conventions. Local, state, and national candidates were advised by him on leveraging new media as part of their strategy. He also serves as a Fast Company expert. Lisa was one of the first to recognize the power of online technology to change organizations and has been a leader in the field for more than twenty years. She is the Executive Producer of a company that advises corporate and non-profit leaders on how to implement new media and technology effectively to manage and market their businesses and ideas. The firm is named Group Jazz.

Reich’s book, Media Rules! was released in December by Wiley & Sons. The premise of the book is that “When it comes to communicating with their target audience, businesses have more than enough tools to get the job done — blogs, podcasts, social networks, search engines, online advertising, mobile phones, and much more. Still, organizations continue to struggle to communicate effectively and meet their goals.”

How will these media play in the current election process? What do we need to understand about new needs of consumers? What core skills does business and organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens need to better understand this dynamic and complex world?

Insights are drawn from the results of interviews with more than three-dozen business leaders and communication innovators, including Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired; Jeffrey Hollender, CEO of Seventh Generation; Mark Lukasiewicz, vice president of Digital Media for NBC; Jeff Taylor, founder of EONS.com; Michael Brown, CEO and co-founder of City Year; and Charles Best, chief executive officer and founder, DonorsChoose.

A reception with the author will follow the event.

This event is sponsored by Group Jazz

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.groupjazz.com/

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