A Rise In Phone Theft, Alerts Britain Government

Almost £400 million per annum is lost in United Kingdom as a result of theft of cellphones. It is actually surprising nowadays that there is almost £2 million stolen in britain annually.

There are actually schools in UK which have been having to ban the utilization of mobile phone among students. The reason being of an elevating statistics of crime rate of mobile theft. There are tons of new phones that are released available currently and all these attract burglars. It also increased the risk of injuries between students who will be prone to future thieves.

As per research, there are actually somewhere around 228 cell phones which are simply being taken every hour in UK. These issues worry britain government. They need to have safety ways to prevent these phone thefts.

There are a variety of approaches that phone thefts have used to steal someone else’s mobile phone. One of these is when a thief grabs the victim’s arms and straightaway holds her mobile phone. Another one also is when the thief is chatting to the victim while his mate is busy on getting the mobile phone of the victim without the understanding of the victim. It was advised then by Halifax Home Insurance that victims must not use their mobile phones while walking in the street so that you can prevent phone thefts. This may attract phone thieves if ever they see victims utilizing their cellphones in the street.
The UK Government must arrive with a fix for your problem to lower the crime rate of phone theft. Also, people who have mobile phone must take care and try to remember keeping in mind their mobile phone. Based on a survey produced by a life insurance company, more than one of ten residents were victims of phone theft. And this issue alarms the UK Government. Moreover it shows that the method that phone thieves are using currently is to steal the handsets. This generally takes place in certain restaurants, pub as well as in marketplaces. The peak times where handsets are stolen are generally from Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons, and Monday mornings. In order to fix all these crimes is that mobile users must be extremely careful in watching over their phone and be very vigilant. Mobile users is required to be very vigilant and not to easily rely on strangers. Another choice is for mobile users to take mobile phone insurance for their handsets from reliable companies. These mobile phone insurance companes provides insurance not only for theft but also for damages, upgrades.Thorough phone insurance they can at the least get their handsets back if they are stolen. Phone thieves commonly seems to be nice and friendly. There is also news that phone thieves use children to steal mobile phones. Well we really could not tell. Men of different ages can be a potential phone thief. There’s also a report that phones thefts usually takes place in some inner city where there are a lot of individuals moving by the streets. Racial discrimination comes from this sort of crime since most black people teenagers have a home in inner cities. This can be unfair to black people having been falsely accused of phone theft. Although most black people will probably become unemployed ın comparison to the whites, still this shouldn’t produce racial discrimination.

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