An unusual market: How Vancouver real estate beat the world’s recession

Vancouver 2010 Oympics: If you were tuned in to the Winter 2010 Olympic games held in Vancouver you already are aware of the wonderful things Vancouver has to offer . I was just looking around the internet today and here are few things I discovered about this great city!

Vancouver is the name of the metropolitan area surrounding the city of Vancouver, as well as the name of the biggest city in British Columbia, Canada. Showing off among the most fantastic scenery in all of Canada, Vancouver city boasts a residential population of more than 500,000 people. Downtown Vancouver real estate has been especially beloved in the last several years, as a result of the lovely fuse of nationalities and cultures within the city itself, as well as the incredible views. The Vancouver real estate trend has further escalated with the Winter Olympics that was held throughout Vancouver and nearby Whistler in 2010. As cities were developing in readiness for the Olympics, Vancouver real estate started being snapped up almost as soon as it is placed on the market.

The Beauty Of Vancouver

Fortunately, because the Vancouver metropolis is the third largest metropolis in the country, there is still adequate Vancouver real estate to go around. You might be able to acquire a healthy profit on your investment as well, if you jump on the bandwagon quickly and buy your Vancouver homes for sale before the Canadian dollar continues to rise If you’re looking for a house or apartment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world then you may still be in luck.

The Neighborhoods’ City

As a Vancouver realtor, I must say there is a great variety of different types of Vancouver real estate. Sprawling suburban neighborhoods are evenly as common as inner city high rise apartments and all offer luxurious living at its very top-grade. It is this mix that has led to Vancouver real estate attracting a entirely range of residents from individual professionals through to large families and retired couples.

Vancouver itself is encircled by stunning countryside, incredible seaside living, and some magnificent lakes. Business is booming, especially in the areas of tourism and high technology industries, especially video game development. It is also cited as being the third biggest movie producing region in North America. Further employment will without doubt become available between now and 2010.

One Of The Finest Cities In The World

It should not come as a surprise that Vancouver real estate also figures as among the more costly real estate markets, since it has consistently been ranked among the three greatest cities on earth in which to reside. Coming in at almost twice the cost of real estate housing in various other Canadian cities, like Toronto, Vancouver real estate is expensive. Although Vancouver is the third best city on earth to dwell in, it is ranked quite a bit below the 100th more costly city on earth, we should explain.

Vancouver Education

In terms of education, Vancouver is unfeignedly blessed. serviced via a great quantity of private schools in the area, Vancouver possesses the third biggest school district in British Columbia. There is also access to several college and university campuses, making Vancouver real estate an first-class choice for professional families with school age children.

Why Choose Vancouver Real Estate?

This city offers numerous advantages to its residents, as it has consistently been ranked among the top three best cities on earth for a number of consecutive years, although Vancouver real estate definitely does not turn out to be the least expensive in Canada. The software and film industries, both of which are exciting and growing businesses, make this an idealistic location for a professional family or an individual seeking out a lovely city with fantastic opportunities.

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