Are You Predictable When You Buy A Cell Phone?

Which cellular phone are you going to buy and how do you go about making your decision? Whether you shop on line or in a retail store, there is a whole dynamic as to what device we buy.  Personally, I have the Blackberry Wireless Phone.

  • So, do you wait until your contract has expired and just get the most ‘cheapest’ upgrade, as recommended by your current carrier?
  •  Perhaps you’re the type that has to get absolutely the best phone on the market.
  •  Do you base your determination on price or need?
  •  Possibly you have a large family and you’re looking for those 2 for the price of one deals.
  •  possibly you buy a phone based on the age and gender of the person you are buying for.
  •  Or is it based on your specific requirements and how you use the phone.

So, for better or for worse I have categorized you below.

I theorise that you will be surprised to find out that the way we buy is not based on need, but a combination of want and self determined appropriateness.

I have placed each ‘shopper’ into a category . Which group do you fall into, or is it a combination of groups?

Mr. Easy Going: A new and exciting phone has just hit the shelves, just like the Droid did a few months ago. And yes, you want to have it, but . . . you don’t have any great need. You are 1 year into your contract and if you get it now it will be very costly . You’d rather hear the reviews, have them work the bugs out, and when your contract is up, you’ll get it for a great price!

Sir, I Want It NOW: Needless to say you probably already own the latest iPhone, Blackberry Wireless Phone or a Droid. You’re an avid wireless phone user with a large per minute package, data, text, pictures – the works. You feel you deserve the latest and the greatest on the market and you buy it on the day it is released, or within the week that it comes out – time allotting. You are simply fulfilling your want to have the best. Money is of no concern here.

The Analyst: There’s no question that you want the newest phone on the market, but . . . that bill does come every month. You analyze the features and attached benefits and in truth decide if you just want it, or really need it. Generally you decide on a lower priced model as the features are truly not something that you  have to have or would even use, and the price on a lower model is just something that you can’t refuse. You truly like your decision and drive away ‘talking on the phone’ in the car you bought – slightly used.

Mr. 2Fer: You have a wife, kids, a dog or a cat and an unmistakable budget to stick to. If you can get 2 cell phones for the price of 1 – you’re in! And, the kids will get their cells on their birthday or a special occasion.

Mr. Appropriate: You have the best phone in the family and your wife either has the same phone , the one just below it, or the phone that you were previously using. You have full data access, your wife may or may not and absolutely not the kiddies . The children have a far ‘lesser’ model, the same phone (or a hammy down from one to another) except in different colors. One child still wants a phone, but does not need it.

Mr. Comparison Shopper:  You know what phone you want. In fact, you know which wireless device everyone in your family should have, in spite what they want. You’ll talk off a salesperson’s ear to the point that even they don’t want to make the sale any longer. You’ll go home and maneuver your way on line to find the best imaginable price, with the best possible plan, with just the features that you need. By the time you buy your phone, two new models have already been released.

So, which one best describes you? Who out there is ‘really’ the majority? Help us find out and take our fun and quick survey to determine the winner. The results will be proclaimed on our website, and if you actually participate in the survey, then they will be emailed to you.


Warren Romanow

Mr. Sir I Want It Now

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