Become a Paid Blog Writer

Blogging is a fun pastime, but you can actually earn an income from it too. Earning money from blogging is quick and easy and anyone can get started. You don’t even need awesome writing skills, just some enthusiasm and expertise on a particular niche.

There are two ways that you can get into paid blogging. The second method is easier to earn quick money, but the first method is more effective if you wish to create longer term success.

1) Make Money With Your Own Blog

This technique involves setting up your own blog. The idea is that you will create a blog about a very specific niche that you are knowledgeable about. It is important to choose a topic that you can actually write about. Don’t just pick niches that might pay better, because if they are boring, you will neglect it anyway.

Your blog needs energy and enthusiasm. This is only possible when you are writing about stuff that you are passionate about. Some writers can pull this off in any niche, but I can tell you that it’s hard work writing about bland topics.

OK, so once you choose a topic, you need to get your blog rolling. You can either buy your own domain name and install a blog or use a free service such as Starting out with Blogger is advisable because it’s so simple. You just sign up, pick a blog name and you can start writing immediately. If you go with your own domain name, you will also need to buy hosting (around $5/month) and you will need to install blog software, such as WordPress (free).

After your blog has been created, the next step is engaging content. Don’t worry about monetizing the blog too early. That will come later. Initially you need to build up the content and the user base. Once you have a strong user base, then you can think about the monetization options. You can learn more about blog monetization here.

Once you get your blog established, try to build relationships with other bloggers in similar niches. This can help boost your exposure and traffic. The more links that you get into your site, the better.

2) Blog Posting for Others

If you want cash for your blog posts, the fastest way to do this is posting for others or writing blog content for websites. Generally the content will be sold and then syndicated to one or more blogs. The content will most likely not appear as yours and you won’t be able to build your own name using this strategy.

It is possible to earn great money doing this. I know of many blog writers that are earning a thousands per month by writing for others. They usually have their own blog too, from which they earn another few thousand. You can make anywhere from $5-50 per blog post. This can start adding up, especially if you are doing many blog articles per day.

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