Bionic Ear and Booster Sound Amplifier

Amplify faint or distant sounds with our Bionic Ear & Booster sound amplifier / listening device. Listening is as easy as pointing the device in the direction of sounds up to 100 yards away. This set comes with a 12″ parabolic dish and has a recorder output jack to record the sounds detected by the Bionic Ear.

You can know Magnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful
Bionic Ear & Booster pinpointed sound amplifier/listening  device.

The Bionic Ear increases sound by up to 40 decibels utilizing a Omni- directional microphone, a solid-state amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall quality sound reproduction. When combined with the included  12″  parabolic Bionic Booster, the Bionic Ear becomes highly directional, allowing you to easily identify the source of sounds and suppress background noises. Hear mere movements in the woods at incredible distances.

Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward distant bird chirps for identification. Easily record bird calls and other nature sounds with the recorder output jack.

The Bionic Ear & Booster sound amplifier / listening device is the only pinpointed amplifier of its size available to the consumer market. Uses include personal security, search and rescue, hunting, hard-of-hearing, wildlife observation, outdoor adventures, camping, bird observation, and much more.

·  Frequency response of 100-10KHz
·  Gain amp cut off at 90dB
·  Amplifies sounds by 40 dB
·  Independent volume controls on headset
·  Output jack to record sounds
·  Line in jack impedance of 10V maximum
·  -46dB Mic sensitivity
·  40 hour battery life
·  9V battery (not included)

·  Head Phones

·  16” x 12” x 5”

·  28 oz.

NOTE: As with all our “sound enhancing” products, this unit is not designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept oral communication. Use for this role seriously violates federal laws.

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