Boost PC Performance Without a Registry Cleaner

If you are ready to repair PC errors and improve speed, the fastest and easiest technique is to use a Registry cleaner. However, there are alternatives to improving computer performance with a few quick steps. We will look at some of the techniques you can use to get a quick boost out of your PC. It is likely that you won’t see the same effect as a Registry cleaner, but you can definitely see some nice results. At the end, I will reveal a dirty little secret about PC optimization.

Steps so increased speed and performance on your PC:

Defrag your hard drive
Hard drive defragging will make disk access quicker and improve responsiveness of your PC. Files are stored in fragments on your disk. When you defrag, it puts these back together. In some cases it can add a great deal of performance.

To defrag your hard drive: Click on Start->Computer. Right-click on the disk you wish to defrag and select “Properties”. Now click on the “Tools” tab and then click on the “Defragment Now” button. This may take a few minutes depending on disk size.

Cleanup Your Disk
We also advise you to run a disk cleanup on a regular basis. You can easily free up disk space and reduce clutter on your PC. To access the disk cleanup utility, click on Start->Computer. Right-click on the disk you wish to cleanup and select “Properties”. Now you can click on the “Disk Cleanup” button.

Remove Startup Items
Be careful when performing this step. Do not remove anything you are not sure of. In the quick search box, type in “msconfig”. Click on the Startup tab. From here you can remove programs that you do not want to run on startup. This should help boot time and reduce CPU usage.

Delete Unwanted Software
As time goes on, you will install many different programs and applications on your computer. It is more than likely that you no longer need a lot of these applications. They are probably just chewing up disk space, memory and CPU. By deleting unwanted programs, you can improve performance and free up a considerable amount of disk space.

Tons of other tweaks exist that you can apply directly to the Registry. We don’t generally recommend these unless you are experienced with editing the Registry. Registry editing should be done with extreme caution, because one wrong edit can crash your computer permanently.

But here is a little secret. There is a way to fully optimize your PC with a new tool. No need for a Registry cleaner, this product does everything. It will do all the manual steps above and a whole lot more. To preview this product and a full review, check out PC Health Advisor review, this is a game changer for PC performance.

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