More and more people these days are selling big-ticket items on the internet. More people like me are buying what they’re selling. I’ve purchased a boat and some land from online sellers.

Each expensive online transaction I’ve made has been handled through There are dishonest people online, and that’s common knowledge. But I have no desire to throw my money away. protects my money until I receive exactly what I agreed to buy. The fees are reasonable, the service is dependable and efficient, and the customer service is outstanding. I haven’t encountered any problems with sellers when we let handle the money.

Now I was in the market for two Jet Skis to use at my lake house. I don’t like to buy new, because sometimes my friends’ friends aren’t as careful as they could be. I found what I wanted on

The seller and I worked out the details, including an agreement to use He agreed to deliver the Jet Skis. We were to meet at the lake the following Sunday. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, and after a couple of phone calls, we decided that he could leave the Jet Skis in the driveway of my lake house.

When my son and I got to the lake on Tuesday morning, the PWCs were waiting for us. We put them in the water to try them out. One of them ran perfectly, but within 15 minutes, my son’s stalled and wouldn’t restart. I went to get my boat and tow him home.

We took the Jet Ski to my mechanic the next day. He stated that the engine was “shot,” and probably hadn’t run well for a year or more. He didn’t know if it could be fixed. It appeared to be worthless.

When I contacted the seller, he swore that it worked perfectly at his house. He stated there had never been anything mechanically wrong with either of the PWCs. His theory was that the Jet Ski had been “vandalized” in my driveway. I thought this was improbable. My house is isolated, but the neighbors watch out for each other.

The seller then said that I had agreed to buy them “as is” and he wanted his money. I told him that wasn’t our agreement. I wanted him to come and get both of the PWCs; I wasn’t interested in doing business with him.

I contacted I would not be releasing money to this seller. They told me the seller had already emailed them, telling them that I had damaged his property. I decided that I wouldn’t speak with the seller again, and I would let the escrow company handle the complaint. They agreed to inform him that I would not be completing the purchase. He could come and reclaim his Jet Skis.

The escrow company did exactly what they promised. I can’t prove the seller was a cheat, but my money was safe, thanks to

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