Buying Shoes For Men – A Basic Guide

Which are the essential shoes for the well-dressed man?  Men’s deck shoes and smart laceups can fit many needs. But between sneakers and smart lace up shoes, flip-flops and deck shoes, the average male sometimes has a problem making up his mind the footwear to complement the rest of his wardrobe. If this is what you’re feeling, don’t worry — help is at hand.

My grandfather used to have a saying “if the shoes are right, the rest will follow”. We may think that things are different now, but as far as men’s style goes, this principle hasn’t changed. That doesn’t mean to say that men need to have an extensive collection of different shoes for various occasions  —  we can be thankful that men don’t need to rival women for closet space in that regard. But a few well selected shoes can get the average man ready for most situations, leaving him the opportunity to focus his attention on the rest of his attire.

Though they may have trouble confessing it,   many men feel as clueless about picking the right shoes as they do all the other things they wear and end up falling back a few ‘safe’ choices that can become boringly familiar after a while. So here is a simple shopping list for shoes for the man who wants inspiration.

A pair of Oxfords: in other words smart dress shoes but can be polished. Suitable for a wide range of needs and that match anything from office gear to jeans or chinos.

Loafers: smart, slip on shoes. Check out different styles with a Gucci style metal accent or tassels, or a plain front.

Casual shoes: that fit your lifestyle — from athletic shoes to canvas deck shoes.

A pair of waterproof boots: choose these according to local conditions. Whether you live in a place that gets a lot of snow,  these can be a smart purchase as well as a necessity.

In men’s fashion, of course, rules are made to be broken and clothing preferences can be widely different. But just a few pairs of shoes, in good condition, can act as the basis of the average man’s wardrobe and prepare him for work and play and all those unforeseen situations.

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