Canada & An Increased Risk For Heart Disease – Diabetes 2! Now Can You Tell Me More !

If you have either type of diabetes, you are at a substantially higher probability for cardiovascular disease or having a stroke. Diabetics are more than two times as in all probability as the average person to have a heart attack or stroke and two-thirds of people with Type ii Diabetes are killed from these or similar heart conditions. These astounding figures have hopefully caught your attention to the seriousness of the topic. Being responsible means much more than keeping control of your blood glucose readings, although this is important to managing the disease. You must also keep control of your cholesterol levels and blood pressure if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease.


More than 60,000 new cases of diabetes develop yearly in Canada only. 90 percent of these cases are Type two Diabetes. The disease is something to deal with on a lifelong basis and you will need to learn to embrace it once you contract it. With proper education on the subject, you can learn to thrive even in your condition and live life not too differently from that of an average Canadian. Obviously, you want to learn how to keep yourself from becoming 1 of the 2, out of 3 diabetics, who finally die from cardio-vascular disease.


It is as easy as learning your ABC’s. A stands for the HbA1C test, which is the average level your blood sugar is at after a two or three-month period of time .  The A1C should remain under seven as much as possible. Test and record your daily blood glucose levels are so you can track your HbA1C. B stands for blood pressure, which you can measure with your own blood pressure cuff. It should stay below 130/80. C stands for cholesterol. The purchase of a simple cholesterol testing kit can help you measure these numbers as well. Your ABCs can be correctly followed by eating healthily and regular physical activity.


Basically, as a person suffering from Type two Diabetes, you simply need to boost your level of  health and just keep a more careful watch on your own blood sugar readings. Everyone should be striving to reach an optimum level of  health for many reasons, just one of these is to avoid the onset of diabetes. Individuals with Type II Diabetes can avoid alcohol and smoking, which is usually the case for overall good health anyhow. By knowing what you can eat as part of your diabetes diet, you can avoid what causes Type two Diabetes from getting worse as you age.

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