Choose Your Private Party Band

You are listening to a stereo system at a party. There are people dancing, but most people are still in their seats, chatting or starring off into space. No one seems all that excited. It is the same music that they have heard before, in the same way that they have heard it. It is no private party band – it is same old, same old.


Now you are at another friend’s party. Just about everyone is dancing, and they seem to be having a great time. You are among them, and you feel full of energy and happiness. The music is real – you have never heard it before. Real people are singing out to you, and real instruments are being played by real people not twenty feet from you. You are enjoying the intimacy and vibrancy of a live band.


Live bands can be fun for many functions, including birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and weddings. They are full of energy, so they may just energize the guests as well. Live music comes from people who live for the music, who love what they do, and people can enjoy feeling the love and excitement emanating from the band members. Live dance music can just be more fun than recorded music.


People often like listening to old favorites, but dance song recordings can get old. When one goes to more than one wedding in a short period of time and both weddings use DJs, it is likely that they will hear many of the same songs. And these songs will be the original recordings, so they will be played exactly the same.


Live bands may either be original or they may play other people’s music. Some do both. But when it is your wedding or party you can choose exactly what type of music you want – be it pop or swing. If you have a band rather than a DJ, you can have more control over the type of music played at your party. For instance, if you hire a swing band for dancing, no one will be able to request that new pop dance hit.


Live bands are, by definition, made up of live people, so they can interact with the audience. Some bands encourage audience members to participate, and can joke around with them. DJs can possibly do this, but generally they tend to stay off on the sidelines.


Live bands are also great because when you hire a live band you are supporting several people. Some bands are cover bands and play specifically for functions, while other bands use parties to make it to the next step in their career. By supporting them, you may be supporting their dream.


Thus, live bands are a great choice for private functions. They are not appropriate for every occasion, as they may be somewhat costly. But if you want energy, uniqueness, interaction, and vibrancy, you may want to consider hiring a band for your next function. They may offer a freshness to a boring and stiff function that cannot be found many other places.


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