Cinnamon As A Health Supplement

We’ve all heard a great deal about taking vitamin supplements to boost your well being and improve your lifestyle. Supplements such as Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Omega-3 among others have been advertised as being advantageous for a lot of ailments and problems. However, have you ever heard of Cinnamon as a wellness supplement? Well, recently available research has suggested that cinnamon may perhaps be effective in numerous areas and particularly with regard to diabetes and weight loss.

It turns out that Cinnamon seems to have the capability to lessen blood sugar levels and raise the body’s natural creation of insulin. One study discovered that there was practically a 30% drop in the participants glucose levels when taking cinnamon. There was also a reduction of their triglyceride levels. As you might know, starches and sugars are broken down inside the body into glucose.  This glucose is then applied as energy to power your body and all it’s functions. The glucose can also be transformed and stored as fat. Insulin helps manage the glucose level within the bloodstream. Unfortunately, over time, nearly all of us will lose some sensitivity to insulin due to age. This means that our blood glucose amounts can become greater then they ought to be. Cinnamon contains polyphenols or anti-oxidants that may help control glucose levels which could be beneficial for those with diabetes or glucose intolerance. In fact, one researcher mentioned that cinnamon might have an effect practically as dramatic as statin drugs which are utilised by millions of men and women to lower cholesterol levels within the blood.

How should you get cinnamon into your daily diet? Well, experts have suggested a half teaspoon per day but it is crucial to use the correct cinnamon. You can find two sorts of cinnamon – Ceylon and Cassia. The big difference between the two is that Ceylon cinnamon has far less coumarin in it then Cassia cinnamon does. Coumarin works as an anti-coagulant and can trigger liver inflammation if ingested in increased amounts. So, Ceylon cinnamon is the preferred cinnamon.  Nonetheless, coumarin isn’t water soluble so a water extract of cinnamon may perhaps be the best strategy. With some research you ought to be able to discover a cinnamon supplement that’s a water extract.

So, while you may hear quite a lot about much more exotic supplements such as beta-sitosterol and omega-3 fish oil bear in mind that that favorite holiday spice, cinnamon, might be valuable too. Just be certain to use it in moderation and always in a water extract form not in the powdered form.

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