Coco Chanel Quilted Clutch Bags and an Evening Out

 Chanel bags are a timeless classic fashion. Coco Chanel invented “the little black dress”, Chanel No 5, the famous and much copied Chanel Suit all with her characteristic sense of simple yet elegant design.  I am amazed how Coco Chanel and Carl Lagerfield have always created designs full of classic and timeless elegance.For the person lucky enough to own one the Chanel Quilted Clutch has always symbolized refined beauty.  The Chanel Clutch Bag is a favorite of many celebrities as you can see in some of the pictures here. When you want to travel light like you might on an evening out the clutch is a fantastic choice. A woman knows the beauty of the accesories she picks out brings to her with that touch of attractiveness that makes her stand out.  A handbag to a woman is an essential aspect of who she sees herself as so it is not hard to see why women want to feel the association with the fine classic elegance Chanel is the image of. Many celebrities gravitate to Chanel handbags and the Quilted Clutch is one of their darlings. Micha Barton is a big devotee of Chanel handbags as are Paris and Nicki Hilton, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, and Katherine Higal, along with many others.  Every Chanel bag is handstitched in France or Italy to very advanced criteria. Handstitched quality that will last a lifetime. The sensuous feel of the most supple and grand leather deserves the best care achievable.

It is not unreasonable to consider buying a Chanel Handbag to be an investment since they seem to forever be trendy and fashionable. The handcrafted quality of an authentic Chanel Handbag is extrordinary. Some bags require 100 hours of hand crafted skill.  We all know how authentic quality stands the test of time, and this has certainly been true of the Chanel Quilted Clutch bag.Even with the many changes of fashions, the standout stylishness has remained resplendent for over 5 decades. Unlike other fashion design houses who have altered their purse styles to appeal to the contemporary requirements of fashion trends, the Classic Chanel quilted clutch bag has remained true to its origins.   Chanel stands alone in a place of it’s own creation

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