Coming Out Gay To Those Who Are Most Important To You

Coming out gay may seem like one of the biggest steps you ever have to take in life, but when you actually develop a plan and take small steps to making it happen it isn’t as terrifying as it may seem. The trick is to think not only of what will make you more comfortable, but of what you think will make each person that you love and cherish more comfortable as well.

You can’t just blurt out this news at an odd moment when everyone happens to be together. It is going to ultimately turn out the best for everyone involved if you are gentler in your approach. Spend some time thinking about each individual person and how they are likely to respond to different approaches.

When it comes down to it, there are two basic options in this case. You can pull people aside individually and break the news in a personal manner, or you can get everyone you love the most together in one room and make an official announcement. Typically, the best strategy will include both of these options mixed together.

There are likely some people in your life who may respond better to a one-on-one conversation where they can ask questions, release emotions, or simply react naturally without fear of being judged or watched by others.

For some individuals, you may invite them to a larger group meeting later on but give them the heads up beforehand. Later on, invite the others a social function and make the announcement to friends and relatives who are less likely to have a very strong reaction.

How you do this ultimately depends on the individuals in your life and how you feel they may respond. Just avoid the tactic of telling one loud mouth friend who will run around telling everyone else. This leads to a lot of problems as some people are hurt, others refuse to believe it, and you never know who knows or does not know at any given time.

Coming out gay is nothing shameful that you need to spread through a rumor mill. It is a very personal, private part of your life that you are now ready to share with others. Give them and yourself the respect of a formal introduction to this part of your life.

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