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commercial construction Many people in the You Tube fraternity are driving themselves crazy with puzzled frustration about a new phenomenon. Magibon – the young woman who makes a short video of herself doing nothing, and saying nothing – and gets a million views in a week? What is occurring here? Just what is the secret of the Magibon phenomenon?.

 juegos Now, since you have larger stores lowering prices, local “mom and pop” shops struggle to keep up. Many can’t and are forced out of business. Put this into perspective: Big Businesses buy out smaller ones all over the world, and unify under a single banner. Jobs are lost at a global level, and people cry out for jobs and can’t even afford to pay what items cost, even though the prices were already reduced. To make jobs and reduce the cost of goods sold, staff must be rearranged such that two people only cost the price of one, perhaps less. Somebody loses.

commercial property Let’s say that you purchased an OPTION at $1 per share. On that very same day the market moved in your direction and you were capable of selling that option at $1.50 per share. Since Option contracts are all standardized sizes of 100 shares your net profit before commissions would be $50. You also would have established a profit of 50%. This is a great return considering that most money managers earn 15% a year!

To determine your Return on Investment you only need to divide your net profit by your initial investment. In this instance you had a 50 cent profit per share on an initial investment of $1 per share.

The comments below her vids continue to multiply, and the commentators get more and more frantic in their efforts to understand it, and more and more angry, and even downright insulting, and even descending to the most revolting crudeness (for which they may well feel ashamed when they really think about what they’re saying), while magi floats serenely above it all. The frustration of these commentators seems to arise from their insistence that, to be important, a video has to be ABOUT something. And while I disagree with the mode of delivery of their opinions in many instances, there can be no doubt that it’s a valid point. Shouldn’t every video be on some theme – at least, if it is to have a million views in a week?.

Although this is a technical point. many of you have probably realized that the above example is further complicated by the fact that the financial markets are not open 365 days a year. If you take weekends and holidays into account you literally only have 252 days to play with. So the more mathematically oriented con men would offer you the following calculation:

Buy 1

Sell 1.5

Profit $0.5000

Gross Profit $50.00

% Return 50%

# of Days 1

# of periods in a year (252 days) 252

Net Profit $50.00

Annualized Return 12,600%

Hey 12,600% annualized return…sure beats those low yielding MUTUAL FUNDS!

Now, I wish I was making this stuff up, but my mailbox is filled everyday with variations of these examples. No mention is ever made of the fact that your profit BEFORE commissions was $50 bucks which is not bad and might pay for DINNER out on the town.

This may seem extremely elementary and basic to many of you. However, I have seen many extremely successful individuals taken in by this type of deceit. I think you’ll agree that although the numbers are accurate they are completely unrealistic and the INTENTIONS of the promoters are what is in question. Nonetheless, you’d be surprised how many $3,500 seminars the above example will SELL.

This crash isn’t going to be the recession we’re in today. This is bad, but honestly, this is nothing compared to what I imagine. In the Pixar movie Wall-E, they depict a single massive company, “Buy-N-Large,” owning pretty much everything. Believe it or not, that’s much closer to what I imagine, but with politics involved. Imagine this company not only controlling the market and our Economy, but it also would have governing power over countries. Don’t do what this massive conglomerate wants, and boom, they raise prices in your area, crushing your citizens, and forcing you to bow to their wishes. That’s what’s coming, in my opinion, and while it seems like it might be good for business, I believe that, overall, it’s bad for the economy at a global level. You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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