Cosco Toddler Carseats Possess All The Best Options

If you are a mom or dad rearing children at this time, you then have a lot to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best infant car seat for your infant or child.  What follows are some of the best of Cosco baby car seats that you should consider:

Cosco Scenera® Convertible Car Seat

If you are looking to get a pair of car seats in one then you should give consideration to Cosco’s Scenera® Convertible Car Seat.  You can begin this kind of carseat out like a rear facing one for your tiny one that weighs between five to thirty five lbs.  And then, when your daughter or son weighs between twenty-two to 40 lbs ., this kind of child car seat can convert into a facing-forward carseat.  So that you can support a developing daughter or son, this kind of best car seat contains a five-point safety belt arrangement which also has a up front safety belt adjustment.  That should allow you to provide your child the best fit.  One more characteristic of the child car seat is that it offers a extractible cup holder.  The child will be able to rest some sort of drink or possibly a small snack when riding inside of your car.  This is one of the very best Cosco car seats that you will find.

Alpha Omega EliteTM Convertible Carseat

Cosco has produced an extended use carseat that is created using superior comfort along with convenience features which permit this best car seat to be used within the following modes:  facing-rear carseat for your infant, facing foward carseat, booster seat. The Alpha Omega EliteTM incorporates a 5 point safety belt in addition to an up front adjustment and also a four position cushioned headrest which will never require re-threading.  Here is a summary of capabilities this Cosco car seat has:

  • Facing-Rear five-thirty five pounds.
  • 5 point harness set-up that features a strong up front adjustment
  • Foward facing 22 to 40 lbs.
  • 3 position recline
  • Belt positioning booster 30 to 100 lbs.
  • 4 function padded headrest they’ll vary with harness and definately will never need rethreading!
  •  Baby head insert
  • Detachable juice-cup holder attached to the seat
  • Articulating armrest/support
  • LATCH equipped for facing rear combined with forward-facing positions


  • Completely removable cushion which is included with padded harness sleeves


  • Meets as well as surpasses Federal Safety Standards

SummitTM High Back Booster

It is just one in several of Cosco car seats which is in reality 2 car seats in 1!  Remember that it is built to fit your developing young child as much as 25 percent longer because this particular high back booster is going to outlast different booster seats by having the ability to accommodate a young child up to a hundred lbs.  Here are some other highlights with this Cosco car seat.

  • 5-point internal harness for twenty two to forty lbs .
  • 3 safety belt points for your developing girl or boy -you won’t have to rethread the harness!
  • Belt-positioning booster intended for 30-100 lbs .
  • Definitely will hold children as much as fifty-two” in height
  • Three position reclining seats
  • Simple, efficient up-front safety belt adjustment
  • Forwards facing option
  • LATCH set up regarding 22-40 lbs only
  • Molded-in storage area compartments that come with slide out drink holder
  • Varying armrest which has push-button ease

ProntoTM Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

If you are looking for a booster carseat amid a variety of Cosco car seats, in that case , maybe you may want to look into the new ProntoTM.  This particular car seat has been made for boys and girls who at this point weigh between thirty to a hundred pounds and are now a whooping 34 to 57 inches in height.  On the list of top features of this specific Cosco car seat is undoubtedly its adjustable headrest that will accommodate your maturing child. An additional handy aspect these Cosco car seats have got certainly is the slide-out snack-cup holder.  This unique car seat will also easily transform into a backless booster.

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