Current And Past Gear For Soldiers

Although many things still remain the same, military gear is constantly changing.   You could probably say this about everything that has stood the test of time.   For example you may use a plain instead of a horse now, but in the end you are still traveling.   This article will go over the various types of gear that current and past soldiers wear to battle.

There are a multitude of traits that never change when it comes to soldier gear.   For instance, warriors will still use killing weapons and will cover themselves in gear to protect themselves from harm.   Soldiers will still participate in a hard training program and are still viewed favorably by those that they protect.

The many differences come in the form of the kind of gear and the kind of training that soldiers receive.  Soldiers today fight with weapons that are powerful enough to destroy entire armies.  The new technology has led to different types of training to be lengthened or shortened depending on the needs.   It is much easier to learn how to point and shoot an assault weapon when you compare it to the skill that was needed for a successful sword battle.  Soldiers today only spend about a week or two in training with their weapon while ancient soldiers may have sparred with each other each and every day.  Also todays soldiers do not need to be as physically fit as the soldiers that needed to wield swords after marches that may have lasted months.

The protective gear of todays soldiers does consist of something to protect the body, and something to protect the head, but the similarities end there.  For example if a modern day soldier were to use a piece of roman armor to deflect a bullet, he would never live to see another day.   Medieval armors should be left to plays and costume parties rather than combat situations.   Flack jackets and kevlar helmets may not stop missiles, but they will protect the average soldier much better than the heavier weaker armor of our past.

Although gear has come a long way, it will never fully reach a plateau.  As long as there are armies willing to engage each other in battle, there will be somebody out there trying to improve their soldiers gear.

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