Decorating Your Tuscan Kitchen: Stuff You Might Want To See

The pristine beauty of the Italian countryside is really the inspiration behind the charming and lovely Tuscan kitchens. As in Tuscan society, the pride of place in a Tuscan kitchen is given to family, food and nature.

The colors of the kitchen are borrowed from the Tuscan countryside and the motifs show the intense passion for food and general bonhomie.

Choosing Colors For Your Tuscan Kitchen

In any Tuscan kitchen, green, yellow, blue, brown and red – shades you would expect to see in abundance in nature – are liberally used.

To get the design right, you might want to look at several pictures of well designed kitchens. Or maybe you would want to consult an expert. One good thing you could do would be to travel to Tuscan and see the kitchens there first hand.

Give a natural texture to all possible surfaces. For that you can use aged wood, stone, iron, copper and wooden beams.

Using Venetian plaster on walls isn’t usually neccessary. Latex paint and a texture additive can give your walls an equally good texture.

Use various colors for accents. The most popular accent colors in a Tuscan kitchen are reds, green and blues.

The backsplash can be decorated with red and blue tiles. Red kitchenware can serve as striking accents in such kitchens. Have these colors on all sorts of wall hanging that you can imagine.

However, never overdo a theme, because then the very purpose of accent colors is not served.

Buying The Right Furniture For Your Tuscan Kitchen

Having the right kind of furniture in your Tuscan kitchen is essential. No Tuscan kitchen is ever complete with the big and aged dining table around which the family sits and gossips.

You may be able to get good old style furniture in flea markets, garage sales and in shops that specialize in selling old furniture Get rid of the old hardware on your cabinets and drawers. Give them a typical Tuscan look by fixing vintage and ornate hardware.

Accessories For A Tuscan Kitchen

The right accessories are really what can give the finishing touches to your decorating project. Carefully chosen accessories add charm and elegance without adding to the clutter.

Have a few brightly colored kitchen canisters, fruit bowls, ceramic pitchers, baskets filled with fruits and vases filled with that that typically Tuscany product, sunflower placed at strategic places in the kitchen.

Choosing The Right Lighting For A Tuscan Kitchen

Finally, do not forget about lighting. A Tuscany kitchen like the Tuscany country side must be airy and bright. Your design should allow lots of fresh air and natural light into the kitchen.

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