Don’t Be Star Stuck – It’s Bad Business

In this line of business, we meet ‘celebrities’ on a regular basis, and rather honestly, it is no big deal.  They are, afterall, just people like everyone else. Sure, they are on the television set, radio, or whatever and of course their publicity keeps them in the public eye but just because they have a talent to, say, singing does not make them more than the next person. I have been backstage with celebrities and see how people react to them when they walk by them, and I really can say that it is somewhat sickening sometimes.

The point to this is that ‘celebrities’ can sense desperation, and then we wonder why people get into bad deals, because from the beginning, they did not establish the fact that while they are a fan of that particular creative person that they are coming in under, that they want to be compensated not on being affiliated, but by their talent. It is fine to be a fan of someone’s music – but when you let that compensate your business then you are in trouble. While a close association can be useful, for example name dropping in your electronic press kit, you need to also stay focussed and see that it is about your career and your talent.

Don’t let the fact that you’re a fan of someone haze your business sense, because at the end of the day, it is a business, and anyone who has already made it, has to respect that, or do you really want to be linked out to them anyway?  We all do bleed red blood at the end of the day, so why would you even want to put them on a pedestal like that. Be business minded, and do not get caught up in the celebrity of the next man (or woman). Realize that your talents are equally as important as theirs and make it clear that if your chance comes, that you want to be compensated accordingly.

People can only do to you what you will allow, so if you are an artist or a business person in a bad deal, it is likely because it was simply allowed and there were no ramifications.  If you just want to be famous, then yes, latch on to a ‘big name’ and forget the rest. But, if you are in it to make money and be successful rather than just name-dropping and getting some contacts for your EPK then you can’t let celebrity cloud your mind…

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