Emergency Food Supplies, Survival Packs, And Survival Skills Help

Every survivalist will inform you that the first three things on his mind is a save shelter, clean water and a food source.  One needs at a minimum a month or two’s supply of food for each family member since it is possible to be trapped within an environment for a long stretch of time.  Food and water storage equipment is a vital necessity. This plus some elementary first aid equipment will be to your advantage. Emergency preparedness supplies are essential for survival.

What food are you going to eat?  Owning a shotgun, rifle and or pistol is smart.  Also you’ll need to acquire a bow and a good supply of arrows and arrowheads just in case the electric is shut off for years. One might develop some basic skills that will help them become a decent marksman and have the ability to hit game. 

Getting a firearms permit starts by contacting the police department for instructions. Every state has varying regulations which govern the decisions as to whether someone can legally own a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Again, your local police department will show you in the right way to go about it.

When you’re ready to buy a good supply of ammo, it may be prudent to get it with cash so as to leave no trace to alarm authorities. Additionally, never acquire any tremendous amount of ammo at one time from the same store.

Psychological testing revealed that 90% of people will steal if they discern they have a perceived need and can justify their behavior and feel they can go safely unexposed. This means anything of value you possess can be a lure to those without what they need under dire circumstances. You should hide your supplies in places that are very difficult for others to uncover. Get emergency food supplies and keep them is a safe location

If you are displaced and need to live on the road for months, you’ll need good shoes, clothes and basic supplies. People who travel the lightest, travel the farthest. You may need to scram quick  in order to escape violence. If food supplies in the New York area disappear, mobs of vigilantes will descend on even the peaceful Amish and wreck havoc.

The government will not protect you in such a situation and atrocities will be committed by both sides. Armed gangs as well as collateral damage to civilians will take place.  Make the effort to have a survival pack for you and your family for a disaster contingency.

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