Find Out Why You MUST Own a Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Ways people use to listen to music have drastically changed, from the gone days of cassette players to the modern generation of superior quality Bluetooth stereo headset. Not only do these headsets output good music quality but also cut out the wires. Bluetooth headset assures the best of the best when you want to listen to music on the go.

The Bluetooth headphone can be bought in Ear-Bud or over-the-head models. The ear bud design is great since it blocks out outside noises allowing for clarity. These devices are usually equipped with a pair of speakers i.e. they are binaural and also cover both the ears. Therefore, Bluetooth stereo headset can be justifiably equated to Bluetooth headphones.

The most notable application of Bluetooth stereo headset is that it allows people to enjoy listening to music and simultaneously provide hands free phone communication. Toggling between phone and music mode is a piece of cake on the gadgets. When someone tries to call you, the headset notifies you with a preset sound and stops playing the music. After you have finished the call, the headset automatically uncues the music track.

The new technologies of Bluetooth headsets function with Bluetooth 3.0 technology and offer a range of up to 60 ft. It is very light in terms of weight, thus can be easily accommodated in the ear allowing 14 to 16 hours of active use. The standby time is usually around 500 hours. Bluetooth stereo headsets have come a long way since the first gen Bluetooth technology.

Since wire hassles are being done away with, Bluetooth technology offers the best stereo headset option. And with consistent advancement, the tech is getting cheaper every passing day. Major brands, like Motorola and Nokia, are in a are competing for cheaper prices. Enjoy better prices and get the best value for money!

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