Ford Fiesta the new supermini car

Think of yourself as a product developer working in the minicar manufacturing company! You are given the task to design a new car with all the desirable features and the aim is to compete Ford Fiesta! What comes to your brain? Blank? No worries! If I would be in your place, I will be feeling the same. Not because me or you or any other such engineer has nothing new to come with, the issue is to compete Ford!

The new Fiesta has all the features which make it a best choice for all the supermini lovers. Not only does the brand new model maintain all the characteristic outstanding features of all the previous models of the series, but all the shortcomings are covered as well. The auto is much better than all the former models and meets all the criteria of judgement.

Starting from the looks of the vehicle, the automobile gives an elegant impression to everyone who casts a glance on it. The shape of the car is attractive not only because of its rounded, smarter looks; the overall impression of the car is enhanced due to its finishing. Moreover, the new Fiesta is available in a number of bright colours to make the automobile a complete eye catcher. This is one of the cars which can make other car owners envious enough to replace their existing one.

As far as the performance of the automobile is concerned, you will find the automobile meeting all the expectations which automatically arise in the mind when you think of buying a Ford automobile. The automobile is efficient enough to be used in the city with a basic petrol level of 1.25 litres. In economically turbulent times like these, Fiesta is a unique combination of economic cars and luxury automobiles. The low fuel consumption is due to the light weight of the automobile which is again an improved feature as compared to rest of the cars in the same product line of Ford.

This supermini holds considerable flexibility in handling. If you are a city driver, you can keep the speed slow enough to avoid any accident. On the other hand if you are on your way to a far off place and are to travel on a country road, you will find your automobile one of the fast vehicles from the Ford.

It is the light weight of the automobile which makes the driver feel as if he/she is flying in the skies. With such a low mass car, you do not need to struggle much when turns and corners appear on the road. Fiesta models comes fitted with a Ford CD Player, its possible to get a new Ford radio dash kit, which will fit the Fiesta to an aftermarket headunit.

Keeping in view all the above factors, it becomes evident that the target market of this car is the one having new drivers and females. Both these categories of drivers usually prefer cars which are easy to deal with and do not need much exertion.

If you are thinking to buy one Fiesta for you, you are saving yourself from feeling inferior to those in your circle who have the vehicles with the dominating style element. However, Ford Fiesta never demands a big slash in your bank account! So you can enjoy the feel of luxury but at a reasonable price.

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