Forex Trading Simulator: forex tester 2 is an excellent way to master a forex trading system!

A forex trading simulator is an first-class way to master a forex trading system like the MACD 3 or your own forex trading strategy!

Forex Tester 2 is a forex trading simulator that every forex trader should use to practice there money management and trading plan.

The smart forex trader understands the importance of using Forex Tester 2 for their forex trading system. A forex trading simulation environment allows a trader to master a forex trading system like the MACD 3 as if they are trading in a REALTIME market.

You can master a forex trading system in record time! You can master your own forex trading sytem to see if it fits into your lifestyle!

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We used forex tester 2 and traded our MACD 3 system using a $10,000 demo account, and turned it into $7 million in just under 2 years!

View the entire Forex Tester 2 manually traded report results using the “Macd 3 Forex Trading System”.

You can watch video tutorials as well. Take our 2 week trial and learn the MACD 3 Forex Trading System.


Go to our website to watch the video tutorials.

Introduction to the Forex Tester 2 Software (FTS) (00:58)

Basics on the Two Modes of the FTS (1:19)

Build your Symbol List (3:39)

Import your Desired historic Data (4:29)

Create a MACD3 Template in the History Mode (7:39)

Generate Ticks in History Mode (1:32)

Setting Up and Using the Testing Mode (13:55)

For the advanced users and programmers they designed open interfaces with detailed software documentation to help you create your own indicators and strategies. SO, if you have your own ideas, you can implement them using Forex Tester 2 API and significantly expand the program functionality.

Take the time to prove your forex trading system works with Forex Tester 2, an awe-inspiring forex trading simulator!

We’ve made signing up for your 2 week free trial membership , a NO-RISK, NO-BRAINER decision.

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