Hoodia Is It Worth A Try For Weight Loss?

When Hoodia was observed the very first animal trials to test it was with Rats.

The rats that were fed with Hoodia stopped feeding completely. Rats were used as they commonly will eat nearly anything that is edible  Can you believe that an animal who loves to eat anything merely switched off its desire to eat,  which was even the case when the rats favourite foods were placed in front of them .

When the first clinical human trial was conducted with Hoodia , several morbidly obese people were placed in a unit which was a closed off area were all that they could do was to read, watch television, interact with each other, and of course eat. Half the people were given Hoodia Gordonii to take, and half were given a placebo.

Fifteen days later , that group that had been taking Hoodia Gordonii had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 calories a day – despite taking no exercise and not being on a diet.

This is due to Hoodia Gordonii having a molecule which is 10,000 times more powerful than glucose sugar. It tells your brain that you are full , without having eaten or wanting to eat. It has effectively been tested in humans for centuries, and so is expected to have few of the adverse side-effects that are common with other slimming products.

In conclusion the initial trials produced very positive results , and Hoodia has proved to be a very popular weight loss product worldwide, and continues to offer high success rates with many.

Paul Callis is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sports and nutrition in the UK . Paul’s passion for swimming in his earlier years, helped him achieve world medals and gain great knowledge and understanding in all aspects of looking after the human body, eating properly to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and discovering what does and does not help with weight loss.

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