How to conduct a Sex Offender Background Check

If your business is in a high risk category as regards employee-related actions you may find yourself in need of performing Sex Offender Background Checks.  Even though this is clearly critical and vital to your personal protection as well, there are things about this subject that some people find distasteful.   The very subject matter itself in the first place is unsettling to say the least.  When you add to that the invasive involvement in doing background checks on individuals, you have another of the necessary but unfortunately mandatory headaches or modern business. 

Take, as an example, a simple proprietorship business that involves daycare or anything related to services involving children. Most states now have legislation that governs the mandated hiring practices for employees of firms in these categories. 

All that really does to help you is to make an unsavory issue less difficult to comply with.   Nonetheless, modern life does impact us all and the safeguarding of children and others exposed to strangers in their work goes without saying. 

While you can take the approach of a forced victim of these circumstances, you and your business will benefit from your becoming an advocate for rather than in opposition to the need for these checks.  

The difference is that someone who fights it will invariably make mistakes or fail to do the other, related kinds of checks that go with a Sex Offender Background Check.  Many firms have found that their level of liability in a civil suit that became a criminal case has increased greatly because they failed to perform additional checks on an individual – like misdemeanor and felony arrests that had nothing to do with a sex offense. 

This becomes less of an issue if you initiate a Sex Offender Background check willingly and thoroughly.  

You should begin with a standard Sex Offender Background Check with a commercial provider or people finder who does such searches.  These kinds of firms can quickly get into state and federal databases and provide what information they have.   Once you have obtained basic in-State records satisfactorily you should broaden your search to all States.  You may need to do an address search for information on other states.

The reason that your check needs to be this exhaustive is that the laws vary from state to state regarding both where someone lives and where they work as far as registering themselves.   For instance, it may be possible for a sex offender who lives in Kansas City, MO to work in Kansas City, KS and go undetected in Kansas as regards their statutes for the employment of registered Sex Offenders.  So, therefore, you should check all State, Military, and Legal Alien Records.  This complete process will allow you to not only find a person but to verify that he or she is worth your investment as an employee.

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