How to Recover Lost Data

If you have lost or corrupt data, don’t panic! It can be restored.

 Using   modern  software, you can rapidly   recover  lost or corrupt  data from almost any source including: hard drives, floppy disks, flash drives, external drives, cameras and more.

Just be sure to use a trusted third party  program  and the chances of recovering  your lost or corrupted data are extremely high, but you do need to act  fast . The longer you wait, the  smaller   the chance of recovering your data. If your hard drive is failing, you need to get the data off of there immediately onto a healthy drive.

Here are some simple steps  for recovering your  files :

1) Identify which drive or device the lost data was on

2) Use third party data recovery software . We have recommended a site at the bottom of this article which has various data recovery tools for free trial download. There are other great programs which you can find searching online.

3) Restore the data found by the data recovery software

4) Backup your data now to prevent future problems .

Always  Backup Your Data

It is essential  to make backups of all your  files and data  . If you do this, then you will hopefully never need to use a data recovery  application . You should backup onto an external or separate drive, at least once per week. Backing up in Windows is very easy and there are built in tools that will help you automate this process. If you do backup, then you can still use a data recovery program, but you will also have the confidence in knowing that a solid backup of your data does exist. With any backup, always test these  at regular intervals  .

Just remember, if you keep all of your priceless photos, home movies, music and videos stored in just one location , this can easily become corrupt and your  data   can vanish  forever. Backup now and you won’t regret it later.

You can learn more about data backup and recovery at Windows Data Recovery

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