How to save money on your printing

 Purchasing  ink cartridges and toner refills can be a major expense for many businesses . Finding a way to  cut  costs can be grueling as is seen by the number of people who search online each day using phrases such as Cheap printer Cartridges, refill ink Cartridges, ink cartridges cheap and the list goes on. 
One option for saving money is to look at the benefits of recycling or refilling ink and toner cartridges.

Did you know?

  • Worldwide every year more than one billion ink cartridges are used and most are thrown in to landfill sites, where they take 1000’s of years to break down.
  • Stacked end to end, cartridges thrown away in one year would cover a distance of over 24,0000 miles (enough to circle the earth) (Recharger Magazine 08/02)
  • Roughly 3.5 litres of oil are needed to make one new laser cartridge (Recycler Magazine 05/03)

 When using  recycled ink cartridges, you need to ensure that the quality is high . Not every vendor of Cheap printer cartridges is selling cartridges which are good enough to use in a business setting .  In fact  there are many stories of poor quality refill ink cartridges causing damage to printers.

Even if you decide to buy  genuine manufacturers ink or laser cartridges rather than remanufactured  , there are still some ways in which you can save money on ink. Our top tips include:

  • Avoid printing at all if you can read the item easily on the screen.
  • Print in “fast draft” (or whatever language your printer uses) if the copy is just for internal use because it can save a huge amount of ink.
  • Some printers use a single cartridge for the coloured inks. This can be wasteful if you are often printing documents with a large amount of one colour on it because the cartridge will need to be replaced even though only one of the three colours is empty. Get round this problem either by choosing a printer which has three separate colour cartridges or print in greyscale (no colour) when possible.
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