How to Use Live Music To Turn An Event To Special One

Since the advent of DJ’s and their sound mixes, they have pretty much taken over the entertainment market. Well so many people think. It’s alright to have one person playing the songs all night, if you want people to dance the night away. But, if for instance you have a wedding to plan or a special birthday party to arrange, then you need to consider live music at your event.


The reason you want music in the first place is varied for most people, but the consensus is that you want great background music when it’s time to mingle and danceable music when the crowd want to enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Hence there are some more factors to take into account when searching for that perfect band to entertain the crowd.


Of course your main criteria would be the venue. Would they allow loud music? If they are alright with it, then you need not worry about vocals electric guitars and drums because the venue has catered for live music as well.


The genre of music is definitely important. If you are into hip hop and techno music, then you are not going to please your guests that much, unless they are all teenagers. So assuming your quests are in different age categories, the genre should be thus varied enough so as to please everyone.


Once the band has established a rapport with the guests by making a few jokes or singing a really popular song, the evening is pretty much in their hands. They should thus be experienced enough to know when to crank it up or when to play some love songs and when to only play background music if necessary.


You also don’t want live music which will blast your guest’s ears off with techno or heavy rock music. Although many youngsters will love just listening to that type of music all night, you need to consider your elderly guests as well. So before you book a live band, get to listen to their music first and if they have made a CD, then it will be even better because you will get a feel for their range in music.It is also important for you to choose a band who don’t have their own agenda by playing only their style of music when given the chance. You don’t want your guests to feel they must leave the pBefore you make your final decision, try to get to where the band is performing at present and stay the evening, so that you are able to get a good feel for their music, especially how they interact with the audience and how much they move or not move on stage. If they have a CD or DVD, even better because you can get someone else’s opinion as well.


Now that you have a short list, you need to negotiate their fee, but only once you have listened to their music by either CD, DVD or where they are actually performing at present. Take note how they interact with their audience and if their music and vocals are good to listen to for a few hours.


Let’s say you are planning your wedding, then do inform the band that the attire for them should be smart casual and denims and t-shirts will have to say over for one day. The female vocalist or band member should also not be too skimpily dressed as to take all the attention off the bride. This might be a small issue, but it can become really embarrassing for the bride if everyone is gawking at a near naked lady on stage.


There is nothing that can beat live music at a celebration party. Whether it be a 21st birthday or a 60th wedding anniversary, a band sets the ambiance and makes it personal for the guests. They are therefore important to your event’s success and can never to compared with a DJ.

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