I Could Write a Book – Helpful Ways in Writing a Book

“Do not judge the book by its cover.” A famous saying which literally means that you have to read its pages first before it . Some may say that being an author of a book is not easy . But have come into your mind writing your own book? It might not be as knowledgeable as those books we come across in our school or books we loved to read at home or in the library. Isn’t that cool? You don’t really have to publish it though but still it can make you proud to shout “I could write a book!”

Being a professional author or writer is not required to make your own book . As long as you know how to write and compose sentences, then you are in the right track in making your own book or your own novel of your own life may I say. You should not care what other people will tell about what you are trying to attain, even if that dream is too far from reality. All you need is to do is to believe in yourself, capabilities and have assurance that you can do it.

Your book can be anything and talks everything. Express what you feel inside , anything that you wanted others to know . It can be about nature, environment, others or mostly and preferably about you. You can write anything on it, whether you are happy, sad, and lonely or even if you’re angry. Writing your own life into a book will probably work because you know what to write on those blank pages. You don’t need to question others of what they think who you are or ask them how they feel about you because it is your own book, you’re composing your own life that is why it is called “Your Book of Life”. You don’t need your mother, father, siblings, friends or anyone who you think knows you very well. No one knows you better than yourself. So why bother asking others, in fact you don’t need to know their opinions because you have the facts about you. You don’t need to be inspired to make one, as i have said whatever your mood is, you can write it all in your own book . You don’t need to be rich and famous to have your own book.

I just can’t forget this experience of mine . When i was still in grade school a friend of mine used to bring with her a notebook, but for her it’s not just a notebook, it’s her best friend from the day she learned how to write for her it was her everything. At first i was confused,is there anyone out there whos best friend is a book? ? Her notebook was quite extraordinary and old; it was entirely covered with a pink colored paper with feathers around it with some weird sayings in the cover paper of the book. I used to laugh at it because she has her picture of herself in front. No one has ever read what’s in it or even knows what’s special about it. We always caught her writing on it every end of the day. She tells us that it give her a feeling of easiness and happiness every time she does it. I was quite curios of what’s with the book. One day, on our P.E class around 3 p.m, she left her bag on the bench with that “special notebook” in it. Because of my curiosity, i was tempted to grab it and take a look of what’s with it. I was shocked of what I was reading. That’s the only time i realize why she calls it her best friend and her everything. The book contains the things that had happened to her on that specific day because there are dates on every pages of the book. It was all there whether she’s happy, sad, angry and even the most embarrassing thing that had happened to her was on it. As i was reading her notebook, I didn’t notice that my tears fell from my eyes. I was really touched by the things she had wrote on it, it was her life story that she was writing, if it was a book, then it will touch others heart. As you read it, you will learn some lessons in life that others may not realize. You’ll realize that mistakes are not done for us to be discouraged but to be learned that these things are our stepping stones towards our dreams. I have learned a lot from her work. I wanted to continue reading but i was afraid to get caught so I had to put it back on her bag before someone notices that I stole it. Luckily she arrived in time and curiously stares at me as if she was asking what I was doing there in the bench with her bag in my side. I just smile and walk away with the lessons i learned from her work. From that day on, I started writing the things happened to me in “My Diary”.

Writing your own book is so cool and at the same time it releases your anger and stress. You’ll find it relaxing and at the same time it is a form of relaxation and recreation. You don’t have to copy’s others ideas and piece of work to make your own. Since I could write a book, I see to it that all of my work are original.

Hoping that I have inspired your minds and life to start making and sharing your experiences in life. Always bear in mind that “Experience is the best instructor”
Be original and you’ll see people will love it !



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