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Whenwe look at Key West they think bars and beaches . There is so much more to do there than just the same old tedious routine . If you’re a history buff you might be interested to know it’s a common historical place . Most of these historic buildings will be interesting to any designer. There’s always the water for those of you who want to bask in the water .

With history comes ghost so when coming to Key West be sure to go on a ghost hunt . We have went on one ghost tour while on vacation there and it was so much fun . Our guide made the tour worth every penny . The stories were not only shivery , but entertaining and full of info as well . Of course, there is whole lot more to do and see in Key West from historic tours to enjoying the innate environment.

The Florida Keys are known for their perfect location nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. If you miss out enjoying the beach you have forgotten one of the plus sides of the Key West . One way to enjoy it here is with a dolphin eco tour. to swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys is a rare instance, so ensure to reserve a dolphin eco tour through a well known party that has been in this line of work for a while . Avoid any business that uses unreal ways , like feeding, to bring the dolphins. There are more than enough different eco tours to go on visiting the Keys , from kayaking to bird watching.

You will find plenty of historic buildings and conch houses with unique qualities only they have . The unique features will give you an idea of what it was like here many years ago . You will notice that the majority of these establishments are now bars or restaurants. You can visit these establishments also so just walk around and find what Key West has to offer .

Below are some of the most visited hot spots to see . Ernest Hemingway was a popular American writer and you can tour the historic Key West home for a minute entrance price . Re-visit Mr. Hemingway’s time and see this beautiful attraction .

Fort Taylor which was in the first place built in 1845 became abandoned after some time and was remodeled into a state park in the 1960s . Federal troops occupied this fort and held Key West for the Union making it the only city in the Confederacy to be held by the Federals.

Are your feet tired from all the walking ? Ride on the Conch Train to get a ride around Key West and stay up off your feet for a bit . There are entertaining tour guides on the train also for entertainment and useful data.

If you’re into art visit the artwork of John James Audubon. There are 28 pieces of original artistryto be seen . After that you can stroll around the 1 acre garden on the premises .

There is much more to take in about visiting Key West . Visit your local library for more information . See why thousands of people vacation Key West every single year . They enjoy it’s perpetual activities and hospitality .

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