Know More On The Deadly African Snakes

All are very much aware of the custom and culture the African continent is famous for. In addition Africa is also well known for its flora and fauna. However, many people are ignorant of the fact that Africa is also the land of the deadliest snakes ever. Let’s have a look at some of the noxious kinds of snakes as present in the dark continent.

The black Mamba is probably the most dangerous of all the poisonous snakes of Africa. It is also the largest with an average length of 8 feet. In fact, some of these snakes can measure upto 14 feet also. They’re brownish grey in color and possess terribly aggressive temperaments. Always ready to attack, the Black Mamba can reach upto a speed of 12 mph within a few seconds. This dangerous snake breed can kill as much as a span of an hour. Therefore it comes as little surprise when it is called the most feared snake breed in the entire continent of Africa.

As well as black mamba, another snake which is high on the ferocity level is Egyptian Cobra. Essentially this snake breed belongs to the land of Egypt. this type of snake can be simply found in Africa on a particularly enormous scale. Another name of this breed of snake is Naje Haje. It’s been noted that out of all the strains of cobra, this particular breed is the most venomous.Though this snake has a mean length of only about one to two meters, it can easily destroy anyone.It can really simply kill a massive elephant in a matter of 3 hours or less with the help of its toxic poison.

The Puff Adder is also an exceedingly notable name in the list of the most deadly snakes of Africa. It accounts for more snake bite cases in the continent than any other kind of snakes found there. This snake can camouflage itself well within its environment- a characteristic which sadly leads to people treading on it unknowingly. As a consequence,the people often finish up being victims of snake bite. The Puff Adder strikes sideways and usually injects 100-350 mg of cytotoxic venom in a single bite. Generally,as little as one hundred mg of snake venom is enough to cause death in humans.

Aside from the Puff Adder, there are a few other snake breeds that prove to be quite deadly due to their camouflage properties. The Gabbon Vipper is one of them. It mixes totally with the encompassing foliage and the leaf cover. Thanks to the excellent camoflauge, it becomes difficult to spot this snake breed. This snake breed is accepted to have the longest fangs in the world. The fangs of this snake are known to have a record length of fifty five mm.

Yet another perilous snake breed found in the sub Saharan Africa is the Boomslang. This is one of the most lethal rear fanged snakes in the world. Unlike most snakes that live on land, this one is a tree dwelling species. It has intensely long fangs and can open its mouth to a full 180 degrees to bite you.

So now you are knowledgeable about the deadliest snakes as present in Africa, exercise caution of them if you be thinking about going to the dark continent soon.

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