Men design their own custom dress shirts online

A fashion website is allowing men to turn designers by customizing their own dress shirts.

The site,, says it offers over seven trillion different shirt designs, with the help of their interactive model and the ability to choose types of buttons, collars, sleeves and a lot more that the customer would like.

Co-founders Peter Crawfurd and Michael Yang say they wanted to differentiate themselves from online tailors by focusing on the design aspect and change how people shop for mens dress shirts.

“We see the shirt as a canvas where you just can put anything that you want on it,” Yang stated. “On top of that shoppers can submit their measurements and get a great fitting custom dress shirt.

“This really gives you the opportunity to find a dress shirt that is designed precisely how you want it and it’ll have a perfect fit.”

The price of the shirts are based on the base fabric and includes both international shipping and any other customization the customer would like. Prices range from $75 to $175.

“You have a lot of flexibility, you get to be creative with it,” Crawfurd said.

The co-founders say word-of-mouth has helped them penetrate their customer base. They have sold dress shirts to more than 30 countries. The United States is their largest market followed by the USA and Norway .

Although the process is intuitive and clear, they also offer free style advice through their trained customer service representatives, who will help you with any design or measurements you may be in doubt of.

If you’re in the market for men’s dress shirts at least give a look, it doesn’t get more custom than this. We recommend using another fabric for your inner collar and inner cuffs for simple yet nice look.

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