Name Change Info for New Brides

When the wedding you will be a brand new married couple if you are like the majority of young brides you should have a new last name. When all of the activity of the wedding calms down you could confront many obstacles if you put off applying for a last name adjustment. To prevent issues it’s crucial to take the time and make a name alteration sooner instead of later. There are many places that you should call. Below is a list to help you begin.

How to Change Your Name?

Obtain copies of the marriage license from the local office where you originally got your application . In many cases you will need a notarized photocopy to alter your name. Copies may not be acknowledged . Since your Social Security info is required in many places apply for a social security name change at the begining . After that your social security information changed have the name on your drivers license changed . You can save yourself a lot of time if you contact all agencies first to find out what crucial documents or evidence will be necessary . It is easier to make a phone call than show up and realize you don’t have a vital document of information.

No matter what , when you try to make changes to your new name each time bring a photocopy of your marriage license, valid drivers license and a letter with your current address on it. In many cases this will be sufficient . When you’re done changing your name on your Social Security Card and Drivers License do not overlook all the places where you pay bills. This is a list in no specific order of places you should contact :

– Phone Bill (Land Line and Cell)

– Water

– Electric

– Gas

– Change Address at Post Office

– Mortgage Lender

– Where you Work

– Schools

– Credit Card Accounts

– Magazine Subscriptions

– Newspaper Deliveries

– Homeowner Insurance Company

– Vehicle Insurance Company

– Life Insurance Company

– Health Insurance Company

– Voters Registrar

– Update Passport

As quickly as you are able to find time have your name altered . This will protect you from a lot of problems so don’t delay . Make changing your name after the wedding a priority…and the honeymoon, of course!

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