Other Than Oil and Gas, How Else Can You Heat Your Home

If you are thinking of a new form of heating to replace your existing oil or gas system due to the high prices, there has never been a better time to choose a pellet stove such as a Whitfield pellet stove. Wood pellets and other wood fuel pellets are not only a cheap choice to oil or gas, they are also better for the environment. Also all pellet stoves including the Whitfield pellet stove are highly automated, plus require little maintenance. A full hopper of pellets can last up to a few days. Also now to lessen the cost of installing a Whitfield stove, there are tax reductions up to 30% on the cost of the pellet stove as well as installation. The prices of fossil fuels are set to amplify into the future. The continued amplify in prices is driven by increased demand for fuel plus green taxes. Pellet Fuel, such as biomass pellets plus other biomass pellets offer the opportunity of fuel independence, away from foreign oil and gas. There is an abundance of accessible purpose grown along with waste resources that can be used to produce energy pellets. Many of these so called ‘waste’ resources are presently sent to landfill, in addition to charged for it. A growing national pellet energy production market can help support the economy, plus reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas.

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The economic recession has effected almost everyone, so now more than ever is the need for new stable, long term jobs. Local pellet fuel production, provides that opportunity. Long term jobs can be created in pellet production, distribution plus pellet stove sales as well as servicing. Due to reduced transportation, it is also possible to provide cheap energy, even with small scale biomass pellet production.

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Not all fuel pellets burn the same, for case in point fuel pellets manufactured from wood in addition to grass will provide almost the same heating value, however the grass pellets will generate more ash. The compromise to using the grass pellets along with higher ash content is a much cheaper fuel, almost half the fee of the biomass energy pellets. However you cannot take for granted that the Whitfield pellet stove can burn the much cheaper grass pellets. The design of the stove may limit its capabilities to low ash content fuels, this therefore means the consumer has less fuel options. To help consumers purchase more fuel flexible pellet stoves, at PelHeat we have developed the Pellet Stove and Boiler Guide. As you can see from the video above, we have tested a variety of pellet fuels for their ash content in addition to other factors, in addition to how this effects burning. Purchasing a more energy flexible Whitfield pellet stove could save you hundreds if not thousands in energy costs.

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