Solar Energy Saves Landlords Money and Lowers Polution

Green energy is now more reasonably-priced and feasible for widespread implementation than ever before. Green energy has become more cost effective as corporations and universities alike have improved the technology and refined manufacturing. And as cost of energy rise unabated; the interest in green energy alternatives has increased.

Solar heating tubes are a terrific option to the traditional electric boiler heater type of units found in nearly every business and home. The positive arguments for this type of green energy system are substantial and needs to be explored when planning what heating equipment to install for heating water in a residential or business structure to be retrofitted or built.

The solution to lowering cash outlays for heating water is solar heating tubes.  This is a relatively new method that employs vacuum-sealed tubes for storing energy from the sun. The energy from the sun super heats the special fluid inside the tubes and carries the heat in the fluid through the hot water unit. This superheated fluid can get heated up to 87.8 degrees C.

And because the tubes holding the fluid are concealed there is not a lot of upkeep work to be done. The heating equipment using the solar heating tube system itself, can operate for nearly twenty years without ever having to be maintained, or tinkered with other than to switch it on and off. The general life expectancy of the traditional home heating boiler is 13 years. A system utilizing solar heating tubes will last several years longer, and has an added benefit of being cheaper to use.

Conventional hot water boiler heaters are guaranteed for five years typically. This is five years that the property owner does not need to worry about equipment problems while still paying for the utilities. After the 5 years is done, the tank could malfunction at anytime. Another danger of the traditional hot water boiler heaters  has to do with the very function of the hot water heater. While safeguards on these electric appliances have increased dramatically over the last thirty years or so, gas leaks during installation and uninstallation of the old technology hot water boiler heater can still take place. Solar heating tubes use the sun’s energy and not gas for heat, thus, there is nothing to leak. They are filled with a special liquid that is environmentally safe so even if a leak were to happen, your family and pets will remain safe.

The energy usage needed for pumping water is much less than the dollar cost of heating a 55 gallon tank of water. In effect, a system using solar heating tubes can be operated at a fraction of the entire electricity costs that comes with traditional heating units.

The current pipe system already installed does not require modification in order to begin using solar heating tubes. In fact with most types of green energy the initial set-up is quite inconspicuous. The same holds true with solar heating tubes. There is not a lot of plumbing to be done, no special pipes are used for the building itself, so this makes setting it up less complicated than one would normallyexpect.  Reading and researching is your initial action plan. Connecting with your state or county installer, or finding an internet dealer would be your 2nd step.

Be ready for large amounts of sales brochures to be thrown your way. With numerous contractors making their way into the green energy market, there are a lot of new choices to select from. Make sure that whoever you purchase your solar heating unit from is a credible provider. For choosing contractors, it is critical to require references and to ask as much information you require to feel at ease about your purchasing decision.

Congratulations for taking the time to know the advantages of green energy, and specifically solar heating tubes. Reading this article is the start of a more energy efficient and sustainable future.

Craig Axelrod is a principal for Emmy Energy, a NY <A href=”>Long Island solar energy</a> operation offering <A href=””>solar heating tube systems in New York</a> & solar panels throughout the North East.

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