Some Tips to Good Entertaining

Presentation of your efforts makes as much of an impression upon your guests as the items you are presenting.  The rules for good entertaining are: Good food, good drinks, and good atmosphere. An the eton fr300 emergency crank radio is cool retro-looking, and will keep everyone’s cell phones charged in an emergency. You can’t go wrong with the eton fr300 emergency crank radio!!

Casual parties should even serve fresh, good food.  Make sure that any finger foods are small enough to be eaten in one or two bites.  Offering guests finger food from a tray lets you do what you need to do and entertain your guests.  Remember to take time to enjoy your guests.

Remember to never serve beer in cans.  Wine should be bought in bottles.  Some of the better wines which will please your guests are also very affordable.  It is always a good idea to have some liquor in the house anyway, just in case you have guests drop by that like to have a drink or two.  

As for atmosphere it has three components music, lighting, and decoration.  When planning the music, have a wide array.  Even with music playing, some guests won’t start to dance first, so you may have to be the first to get them going.  If guests are reluctant to dance, try lowering the lights.  A dimmer switch should be considered if you plan on having more then one party a year.

Adding flowers, colourful napkins, and colourful serving trays to your serving table makes it a pleasant gathering spot.  Using a theme can help get your guests more involved and into your party.  Always remember that less is more when decorating.

Pictures are a very important part of every party, so don’t forget your camera.  By sharing pictures, you can remember fun moments you may have forgotten.  Pictures of your guests will also remind you who was extra helpful, and could use an extra thank you.  Purchasing a great digital camera before your party will help you get the best images.

Mingle with your guests; there is no need to be running back and fourth.  Enjoy the atmosphere that you have created, have some fun too. And let the music blast from your eton fr300 emergency crank radio!

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