The Truth About 21st December 2012

Men and women all over the entire world are deeply interested in the predictions regarding 2012 end with the country theory. Many several theories are circulating all close to the globe. Some men and women think that humans will invoke particular events that will lead to the end of the entire world whilst some believe that God is going to bring this planet to an end by commanding nature to be at its most violent to be able to destroy life on earth. Some popular  predictions of 2012 end in the year are doing the rounds.

The most common prediction is the one made by the calendar with the Mayans. The race of the Mayans was recognized being quite intelligent in the ancient times. They boasted of outstanding knowledge of astronomy in addition to mathematics. According to their calendar, it’s believed that the country will enter a new age on 21 December, 2012. Some members with the esteemed scientific community have come up with their very own theories for the predictions for 2012 end from the globe. A common theory that seems to hold some weight is that sun storms will likely be the source of destruction of planet earth.

There is enough evidence already that these storms have knocked out power grids and destroyed satellites so, many persons believe that this is what will happen resulting in 2012 end on the entire world. The different religions becoming practiced close to the country have their very own theories when it comes to predictions. The Chinese Book of Changes holds that 2012 will probably be an essential year as plenty of alterations will occur during that time. Distinct sections of Hinduism also hint at this year getting very critical to mankind. The holy Bible also mentions 21st of December, 2012 as the Day of Judgment or the Armageddon.

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