Understand How Past Life Regression Can Help You


The human soul, ego, and mind are mysterious subjects. Over the last twenty years there have been great advances in neurology but consciousness is still a puzzling topic. Where is the mind? Science cannot tell us. But we still want an answer; it is because of this that more of us develop interesting in spiritual and new age practices.


Organised religion does not always provide the information we require, deeper more meaningful secrets can sometimes be had through different sources. Past life regression is one such technique that can help you gain a wider insight into your being.



Past life regression is a special technique that is used to search deep within your psyche. If your have problems in your life that no matter what you do always seem to linger, then this form of psychiatry can often by the solution that aids you to put everything into place. It can help you to understand and cope better with certain phobias or reactions to behaviour.



Though we like to believe that we are an advanced civilization the actual truth is rather different. We are very consumerist, but this is not proof of a high intelligence. The mysterious that surround consciousness are still to be solved.


Perhaps you are the type of person that always reacts badly to certain locations or situations but you do not know why this happens so often. The answer could be a memory that is stored deep within your energy or consciousness field. This isn’t a physical dimension like matter; consciousness exists eternally and irrespective of a vehicle or body. It cannot disappear as like skin and bone.


Perhaps you have been having frequent recurring dreams of particular events and situations. The reason for these may be difficult to explain normally. Sometimes our dreams can be extremely vivid with incredible detail. In past life regression you will be placed under a state of hypnosis, through which the psychiatrist will be able to draw out information from your subconscious about experiences and events that have happened to you.


We all have had many past lives. Choosing to undergo this form of therapy can often unlock a long history. Apart from the help that is achieved through such treatment there is also the curiosity factor. It is fascinating to discover who we were in a previous era. There is always a chance that you may have been a distinguished historical figure.


More people are coming to accept the concept of having an almost unlimited number of previous existences. It has been always been an important and integral part of Eastern philosophy. Reincarnation is now also more widely accepted in the west.


Whether your interest is simply down to a curiosity or because you are looking for a way to help you lead a happier life; it’s a technique that is not going to leave you with any problems or even regrets. Every year there are more psychiatrists offering services of past life regression.

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