With So Much Opposition, Are E-Cigarettes Doomed?

E-cigarettes have come under a great deal of fire lately from various politicians. A senator even suggested they be pulled from the shelves right away. With political pockets lined with pharmaceutical company money, who can you trust nowadays? Is our government involved with our health or are their chess moves really just good business? Well we can look closely at a few of those questions.

Pharmaceutical firms make billions of dollars every twelve months from the sale of smoking cessation products. The senator in their pocket thinks these goods, that supply the identical advantages as nicotine inhalers promoted by a similar pharmaceutical businesses paying him, is unsafe and should go through years of demanding testing. At an identical time, medicines to cure all kinds of ailments are being put out with bad effects from dry mouth to death. All one needs to do to market a drug not food and drug administration approved is put a little label on your commercial that says so. There are a number of pills that market on late night television for dieting and other personal problems that say that very thing. They claim their product will do certain items and accomplish with a, “These statements have not been licensed by the FDA.”.

So why else would firms selling e-cigarette starter kits be targeted? Unfortunately, our government officials have become paid spokesman for the large pharmaceutical firms. The main difference is that our government officials do not make adverts, but rather make the laws that govern our country. The privatization of government is one of the first steps to having a communist governing body. It is just a few steps clear of moving a government that works for private businesses to having a government that is the private firms. If a government is paid to safeguard a business, how long will it be before the government uses a loophole to take that company over and make it government run? Our government has already begun privatization of previously government run things to make room for it. Our prison system has been privatized to clear government resources. What will they use the extra money for? It is really not to lower the deficit. Soon no other country will cash our checks, so the government must rule private business. They will say that it is to avoid gouging.

The government will have the capability to dominate public interests in the name of public safety. Who’s safety are they searching for. I believe the response to that is clear.

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