Survey Says 20 Percent of Women have a Secret Santa Claus Fantasy

According to a study released by the flirty dating website, more than one in five women have a secret Santa Claus fantasy. And 1 in 10 wear a Santa costume in the bedroom.

Recent research by the website revealed that women find that Santa Claus, the chubby, bearded gift-giver is very sexy. During the research, more than 1,000 women were asked whether they fancied Santa Claus.

According to the study results, northern women were most attracted to Santa Claus, with almost one in three (32%) from Sheffield (in the United Kingdom) and one in three (31%) from Glasgow (in the UK) saying they found him sexy. The research also revealed that one in 16 (6%) men had, at one time or another, dressed up as Santa Claus in the bedroom.

Also, men from Cardiff, United Kingdom were the most prolific: more than one in 10 (11%) said
they had dressed as Santa Claus for their partner. And one in 10 (9%) women had worn a sexy Mrs Claus outfit, with one in six (17%) Liverpudlian women saying they had slipped into the kinky red and
white outfit for festive fantasy fun.

Info about the Survey
12,102 female members were surveyed through the website from 1 – 5 December 2008 and were asked “Do you find Santa Claus fanciable or sexy?” 11,009 male and female members were also surveyed through the BeNaughty website from 1 – 5 December and were asked “Have you ever dressed in a Santa Claus or Mrs Santa Claus outfit in the bedroom?”

The total survey base: 23,111. The survey was conducted in the United Kingdom.

“Do you find Santa Claus fanciable or sexy?”
City/town Women who said yes: %

Birmingham 17
Bradford 8
Bristol 11
Cardiff 23
Coventry 24
Edinburgh 19
Glasgow 31
Leeds 21
Leicester 23
Liverpool 29
London 12
Manchester 20
Newcastle 29
Sheffield 32
Southampton 18
Sunderland 25

“Have you ever dressed in a Santa Claus or Mrs Santa Claus outfit in the bedroom?”

City/town Men who said yes % Women who said yes %

Birmingham 10 11
Bradford 4 4
Bristol5 7
Cardiff11 8
Coventry 10 12
Edinburgh 3 10
Glasgow2 6
Leeds 5 10
Leicester 2 9
Liverpool 8 17
London 9 13
Manchester 8 11
Newcastle 4 6
Nottingham 6 8
Sheffield 6 14
Southampton7 5
Sunderland 2 6

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