The Border Observer Hispanic Publication Rejects Iraq Recommendations

The Border Observer, in EL Paso, Texas apparently objects to the absence of Hispanic participation in the formation of American policy on Iraq; the publication asserts that the Iraq Study Group conclusions are flawed and proposes a new regime in Iraq.

“Washington needs to be reminded that the blood being shed in Iraq is Anglo, Hispanic, Black and Asian. The Hispanic community has earned the right to opine on matters of American national interest. The omission of Hispanic voices in the development of the Iraq Study Report on Iraq is unacceptable,” said Jaime O. Perez, editor of The Border Observer.

The Border Observer is an English Language publication that serves the southern New Mexico, West Texas and Northern Mexico region. Its readers are largely Mexican American. It has offered additional recommendations to those presented by the Iraq Study Group to respond to the crisis in Iraq.

“The fact is, the neocons got us into a mess and there is no way to extricate ourselves from it unless we change our strategic course and complete the mission. In the words of President George W. Bush ‘Failure is not an option,’” added Perez.

“With political uncertainty common in the Iraq debate, Border Observer Hispanic readers have found succinct insight and research to be a beacon of clarity in a sea of half-truths and misinformation,” said Vanoy Barton, a regular reader.

About Border Observer
Jamie O. Perez, Editor of Border Observer has provided in-depth analysis and information to readers in West Texas and Southern New Mexico since the inception of the Spanish language publication Diario de El Paso in 2003. The border observer is based in El Paso, Texas.

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