Additional Republican Party Dirty Trick Reported

Rove Seeming to Make a Disrespectful Gesture
Photo courtesy of Gimmie Some Truth website

The Department of Justice (DOJ) was reported by the McClatchy Newspapers of putting partisanship ahead of the American people by delaying the prosecution of a key Republican official under investigation for the Republican Party’s criminal phone-jamming scheme in New Hampshire.

“A (DOJ) official with detailed knowledge of the investigation,” according to the report, said officials delayed the indictment of James Tobin, the northeast regional coordinator for the Republican National Committee to protect “top GOP officials from the scandal until the voting was over.” To defend GOP officials prosecuted for the scheme to block calls to GOTV centers in Manchester on Election Day 2002, the RNC paid more than $6 million in legal fees.

Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, said, “After turning the Department of Justice’s voting rights division into a voter suppression unit and pushing voter ID laws that disenfranchise seniors, young, low income, minority, and disabled voters, we now know that Republicans even used their clout to block legitimate criminal investigations to protect their cronies. This latest example of the Bush Administration putting politics over the law shows the lengths Republicans will go to hold on to power and undermine our fundamental right to vote.”

Chairman Dean added, “But Democrats will not stand by while Republicans try to steal another election. That’s why we’ve already started an unprecedented voter protection effort in all 50 states, to ensure that these types of voter suppression tactics will stop and that every American can vote and have that vote counted. Americans have already rejected the Republican Culture of Corruption and will elect a Democratic president next year to put integrity back in our government.”

Source for this post: Democratic National Committee


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