Ian Johnson Proposes to Chrissy Popadics

On New Year’s night, Ian Johnson rushed for 101 yards on 23 attempts to lead Boise State to a dramatic 43-42 victory against Oklahoma in Overtime. Right after the game, Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend, 21-year-old Chrissy Popadics on the sidelines.

TV cameras were there to capture the moment and broadcast it to the University of Phoenix Stadium crowd as well as to a television audience nationwide.

Chrissy Popadics is the Broncos’ cheerleading captain. Declaring that there was no time to go home and propose to Chrissy Popadics. According to MSNBC:

“He made the decision to go ahead with it, he said, “as soon as the camera got on me.”

“I had the ring in my room,” Johnson said. “I was waiting for us to go back to California but the moment just hit. There was no better time.”

Yes, she accepted his proposal.

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