American Bible Society Conducts First Annual Day of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Hispanic/Latino Ministries of the American Bible Society hosted its first annual “Day of Prayer for Christian Unity” on January 18th to coincide with the annual worldwide “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity”, which is designed to engage all Christians in prayer and to foster unity among Christians worldwide. More than 35 Christian leaders and seminary students of various faith communities participated in the symposium held at the American Bible Society’s headquarters in New York City.

Here’s more from the recent American Bible Society press release:

Presented entirely in Spanish, the program carried the theme of “La Unidad A la Luz de la Biblia” (“Unity as Presented in the Bible”); and included both Catholic and Protestant perspectives. Father Tomas Del Valle Reyes, Vice President of Descrubimiento Siglo 21, a non-profit communications organization that serves the Hispanic Community, and Rev. Samuel Pagan, Disciples of Christ Church, Puerto Rico were among the featured guest speakers. The American Bible Society’s “Day of Prayer for Christian Unity” further promotes the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity”; presents the Word of God in an easy-to- understand and relatable context; and reaches the Hispanic and Latino communities throughout New York City.

Mario Paredes, a member of the American Bible Society Board of Trustees and Director of Hispanic American Business Development for Merrill Lynch, who opened the program, stated that the Day of Prayer program went a long way in unifying the Body of Christ. “We are making strides toward unity; we have a responsibility, as Jesus’ disciples to foster this historic development. In fact, I believe that the beginning of this century should bring us back together to proclaim the faith that we have.”

In commenting on the event, Father Tomas Del Valle Reyes said, “During this week that we are able to speak about unity in the church, the American Bible Society has done a fantastic job in uniting those of us that share the same Word, that are children of the same Father, and that receive the same mandate of being one in the Lord.”

Rev. Samuel Pagan congratulated the American Bible Society on having the forethought to host such a program. “This is a significant event, not only for the Protestant and Catholic Churches, but for the entire society because it places prayer at the forefront of our dialogue on a variety of issues.”

Held annually January 18th-25th, the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” began in 1908 with the Graymoor Friars in New York’s Hudson Valley. Paul James Wattson, a priest of the Episcopal Church who became a Roman Catholic, was a vigorous advocate of Anglican and Roman Catholic unity and started the now worldwide tradition. The American Bible Society’s establishment of an annual “Day of Prayer for Christian Unity” during the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” adds a new dimension to this ecumenical observance.

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