Michele Fletcher Richardson Touts Prayer as Major Strategy for Winning War in Iraq

According to Michele Fletcher Richardson, the way to win the Iraq War is through prayer. “The United States is playing David to the Middle East’s Goliath,” says Richardson. “This is a holy war and it does have eternal implications, so strategy about the United States’ role must come, in large part, from a dynamic prayer group rather than merely a study group.”

Michele Fletcher Richardson insists that the problem with the Iraq war has its roots in what she calls America’s schizophrenic behavior towards God. She says that “Our nation was founded on faith, Christian faith. It’s gotten us this far, and it’s the only thing that can move us forward.” Richardson continues, “So-called political correctness is compromising our national faith, and as the Bible says, a house divided cannot stand.”

When asked about her support of President Bush’s policies in Iraq, Richardson commented, “It’s not my job to judge the President, it’s my job to pray for him. My prayer is that he’s got some true prayer warriors on his team along with the military leaders he’s identified.” Richardson says she also makes it a point to pray for the soldiers and their families. “There are so many people losing sleep every night just so we can sleep in peace,” Richardson laments.

Richardson is a cancer-survivor, mother of two sons, and an entrepreneur. She started The Reconciliation Party Incorporated to reconcile the United States to God through individual and corporate repentance, worship, and intercessory prayer, with the belief that God can restore the nation to its former glory.

“If I had President Bush’s ear, there are at least two things I’d tell him to do before every meeting on strategy for Iraq,” Richardson remarks. “Pray and read the entire story of David and Goliath aloud from the Bible … It’s the best war-winning strategy ever.”

Feel free to read the Open Letter to Americans from Michele Fletcher Richardson.

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