Author John Longenecker Tells Congress to Repeal All Gun Laws

In his regular syndicated column, Good For The Country, based at MENS NEWS DAILY, author and talkradio pundit John Longenecker has said that there is no such thing as an illegal gun and that there is no such thing as sensible gun laws. And he says just where and why.

Concurrent with the launch of the second edition of his book, “Transfer of Wealth – The Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry,” Longenecker wishes to contact the new Congress-elect with a useful solution to the violent crime that plagues the nation, one that works where tried: namely, the middle of the country.

“But where it’s needed most,” points out Longenecker, “It’s frustrated the most, as in New York, California, and even Washington, D.C. Perhaps the new bi-partisan Congress can help to reverse this predatory practice.”


Longenecker’s book isn’t about guns, and it’s not written for gun owners – it’s an expose of predatory anti-crime policies and predatory complexes thriving on violence to the detriment of even the most loyal constituent. While officials remain exempt. It’s written purely for the non-gun owner heads of household and officials. It’s about the one proven solution.

Longenecker’s friendly but firm letter to Congress addresses points he’s found some lawmakers aren’t even aware of.

“Many anti-gun constituents, activists and representatives are not aware that police have no duty to protect individuals. This leaves a significant void in the logic of citizen and household disarmament. Police and gun owners are not adversaries, but allies.” Longenecker continues, “And why not?”

“Though every modern household may plan for illness, unemployment, auto insurance and more, just how the household will meet, manage and survive the encounter with violent crime is the most neglected area of household management,” he says. “The solution is, of course, to make preparedness in meeting violence an integral part of the family’s overall household management from now on.”

22,000 gun laws and anti-gun propaganda profoundly affect the non-gun owner constituent, and that’s a lot of people far beyond your average gun owner number of 80 million adults. Unreasonable laws which never touch violent crime affect us all adversely, and it’s time for a new pro-family Congress to revisit the usefulness of gun laws which don’t touch criminals.

With many pro-family Democrats as new representatives-elect now taking their oath and soon working with a lot of Conservatives, the pro-family movement can score several wins now beginning with how the family will meet violence without being themselves criminalized by unreasonable rules. For decades, this has had an intimidating effect on only the law-abiding, as criminals don’t obey laws no matter what Congress writes.

Longenecker has announced that he will furnish a free copy of the second edition of “Transfer of Wealth” to any Congressperson on request throughout January, 2007.


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