Technologically Speaking It Is Possible for the Dog to Eat Homework

The CEO of a “destructible email service” called KablooeyMail chided Senator Patrick J. Leahy to revise and extend the remarks he made recently on the floor of Congress from “you can’t erase e-mails” to “some emails might erase themselves.”

“Our clients emails are disappearing all over the place,” said CDS Technologies Inc. CEO John Flanagan, whose company offers the self-destructible email service free at KablooeyMail :

“In fact, you can make emails vanish or go ‘kablooey’ at a pre-set time.” he said. So, despite what the esteemed Democratic senator from Vermont and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said yesterday, Flanagan said that sometimes maybe “the dog can eat your homework.”

Senator Leahy cited the old excuse “the dog ate my homework” as a mockery of the position the White House has taken in the swirling controversy over the alleged loss of some White House emails.

If any of the White House aides or Federal prosecutors who were fired used Kablooeymail, the sender of email messages could have made them self destruct at a set time and meanwhile have prevented or at least made it difficult for the recipient to print, store, forward or copy the message.

“We’re not advocating the use of our service to circumvent record-keeping requirements,” Flanagan said. “We just wanted to correct the record as to what the latest in email technology is capable of,” he said.

By using KablooeyMail, it is possible to circumvent having the e-mail passing through so many servers. While not an infallible alternative, KablooeyMail provides layers of protection and privacy above regular e-mail that would make it more difficult to preserve, Flanagan said.

“The neighborhood kid whom the senator said could retrieve the lost email may not have a lot of luck in finding those e-mails, but I’m willing to bet he could show you 100 different ways of communicating on the Internet that isn’t logged, recorded, or backed up.” Just as easily, he can show you how to use e-mail in such way, said Flanagan. While KablooeyMail isn’t infallible and is definitely not the end all of e-mail security, it’s providing “better than regular” e-mail security, he said.

Kablooey Mail has been specifically designed to be as user friendly and simple as possible while providing a vast set of tools that you can utilize to have control over your sent e-mail’s fate. During our research and development stage we were very careful to make sure that anyone who used our system would not find it just very useful, but also incredibly convenient. Our work does not stop here. We will continue to move ahead in the future adding even more to our services. Whether it is an easier way to track your messages, or the very latest in e-mail security compliance, you can count on us to stay one step ahead.

You can configure and fine tune a precise amount of control over any e-mail you send. But don’t worry, we’ve designed our system with you in mind and it is very easy to use. We have also implemented more then one way to utilize our service, giving you your own options on how, when, and where you would like to use it.

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