Statements on Michael Mukasey’s Nomination to Be Next Attorney General

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt from Missouri issued a statement after President George Bush announced his nomination of retired Federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey to serve as attorney general of the United States:

“The nomination of Mike Mukasey to serve as our next attorney general comes at an important time for this nation, as Congress prepares to debate whether our intelligence services be given the tools needed to track the movements and communications of terrorists abroad.

“When it comes to issues of national security and homeland defense, Judge Mukasey will need no primer on the mechanics of current policy or the importance of updating it in a way that acknowledges the unique threats we face today.

“His record as a federal judge shows him to be a respected jurist with a deep appreciation for the rule of law — and a willingness to defend it under the most difficult of circumstances. I have no doubt that his tenure at Justice will help strengthen the department — putting our nation in a better position to defend against attack, and ensuring the impartial administration of justice for every citizen in this country. It’s my hope the Senate takes up Judge Mukasey’s nomination as soon as possible, and ultimately delivers a margin of confirmation we all can be proud of.”

Pelosi Says ‘Next Attorney General Must Restore Public Trust That Has Been Eroded by Bush Administration’

In related news, Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement in regards to President Bush’s nomination of retired federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey for U.S. Attorney General:

“The President today nominated a former federal judge with a distinguished career to be the next attorney general.

“An Attorney General must be independent from political influence and have deep respect for the Constitution of the United States. The next Attorney General must restore the public trust that has been seriously eroded by the subversion of federal law enforcement for partisan purposes and by the Bush Administration’s persistent disregard of constitutional rights.

“Confirmation hearings will provide an opportunity for the nominee to answer tough questions on checks and balances and the role of Congress in its oversight and legislative responsibilities, including its ongoing review of the U.S. attorney scandal. Confirmation hearings will also provide vital information on Judge Mukasey’s approach to the new, flawed FISA law and our civil liberties.”

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