Freedom’s Watch Condemns Tactic

Freedom’s Watch has released a new TV ad that condemns the recent tactics being used by Freedom’s Watch television ad takes issue with’s accusation of betrayal against General David Petraeus in a New York Times print ad that was published this week. General Petraeus was testifying before Congress on the success of the recent troop surge in Iraq.

“The reason we produced this ad is because like many Americans we are disgusted by the outrageous tactics has employed,” said Bradley A. Blakeman, President of Freedom’s Watch. “Several news organizations and political leaders have already condemned the MoveOn ad. To question the character and patriotism of brave men and women who combat terrorism everyday is too much, it’s in poor taste and it will not go unchallenged.”

The ad is part of a multi-million dollar buy and will be seen across the country. The ad will begin running this week and features an 800 number for the public to call their representatives and ask them to condemn the Ad.

Freedom’s Watch ad states the following:

“Political leaders and newspapers are condemning the radical liberal group Moveon dot org for its outrageous attacks against American military leaders.”

“Name calling, charges of betrayal it’s despicable — It’ what Moveon shamefully does — and it’s wrong. America and the forces of freedom are winning. Moveon is losing. Call your Congressman and Senator. Tell them to condemn Moveon.”

“Surrender is not an option. Victory is America’s only choice”

Freedom’s watch is a non-profit group based in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video below:

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