Roy Blunt Says Petraeus and Crocker Delivered Even-Handed Assessment of War in Iraq

Iraq soldier     Roy Blunt
The House Republican Whip Roy Blunt said today that Petraeus and Crocker delivered an “Even-Handed Assessment’ that was informed by facts, and not politics when they talked today about the status of the War in Iraq.

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt issued the following statement today as General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker delivered to Congress their assessments of our progress in Iraq:

“The testimony delivered this afternoon by Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker was as sensible as it was straight-forward – an even-handed assessment informed by the facts as they exist on the ground, not the politics as they exist in Washington.

“These two honorable, eminently qualified public servants imparted on us today the importance of building on our current progress in Iraq, and avoiding the consequences that would be sure to follow a precipitous withdrawal of support forces from the region. In my view, we should fully and carefully weigh this testimony before rushing to legislative judgment – but we should also reflect on what was said here today and take its observations seriously.

“Not a single member of this institution wants to see our troops stay in Iraq one day longer than is necessary – and today General Petraeus made clear his intention to suggest a modest drawdown of troop levels in response to the successes he believes we have achieved in recent months. It’s a recommendation this president will likely take a close look at, and coming from a man of Gen. Petraeus’s caliber and experience – it’s one that deserves our serious consideration as well.

“Today’s testimony reminds us that our progress in Iraq has not come without a price. That’s why it remains more important than ever that Congress work together to craft a policy worthy of our troops’ continued sacrifice, and consistent with their single-minded determination to succeed.”

David Howell Petraeus is a general in the United States Army and commander of Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I), the four-star post that oversees all U.S. forces in the country. He was confirmed to that position by the Senate in a vote of 81-0 on January 26, 2007.

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